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Searle supplies its products for a wide range of markets.  You will find Searle products in all major key markets

Food Processing

Storage and Distribution 


Searle offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Eurovent-certified products to suit the food processing industry. Units can be specified with a choice of coil materials giving added protection in aggressive atmospheres, and circuiting can be specified to suit the requirements and layout of the refrigeration system(s). Searle products are utilised across the storage and distribution industry. without the reliability and efficiency of Searle equipment, a vast array of businesses, both large and small, would be unable to function. Searle has adapted its wide range of products and services to meet the ever changing demands of this market place, and so remains a leading supplier of Dry Coolers and Condensers for use in building heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.




Searle have, for many years, worked successfully with the brewery sector in supplying cellar cooling solutions for use in pubs, clubs and licensed premises. This has arisen through a comprehensive understanding of the purchasing, specification and supply agreements which operate in this market place, creating successful partnerships between large pub groups, contractors and wholesalers.