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Mission & Strategy 


GEA Searle are committed to supplying our customers with the RIGHT PRODUCT at the RIGHT QUALITY at the RIGHT PRICE.



  • We design, engineer, manufacture refrigeration components, systems and solutions for our customers for whom Industrial Refrigeration is an essential part of their primary process
  • We are dedicated to serve our customers in every region in the world and are able to meet their expanding needs to deliver high quality products in a competitive environment
  • We are committed to serve our customers with continuous state-of-the-art solutions and components having the lowest total cost of ownership. Due to our commitment to a safe and healthy environment we focus on energy saving technologies and solutions using natural refrigerants
  • GEA Heat Exchangers will primarily serve the industrial refrigeration segment but will also pursue opportunities in the semi-industrial refrigeration segment
  • We seek to be an employee champion providing both current and future staff with an international business environment with an open culture, a renowned position in the employment market, competitive packages and a sound strategy for talent development


  • Population growth and higher standards of living standards will result in growing demand for refrigeration.
  • Changes in global food production, distribution and food safety regulation will require investments in industrial and semi-industrial refrigeration, food freezing and industrial ice production.
  • Power consumption will be reduce despite increased demand to cool and heat power, process and industrial applications using Refrigeration technology and components in Heat Pump systems.
  • The Industrial Refrigeration market has different regional levels of economic development and a wide variety of technical applications. Our customers have a strong regional focus with some multinationals acting globally with local centres. This emphasizes the need for a global refrigeration player with regional presence in its markets to reduce manufacturing logistic costs and with the capability to deliver complete refrigeration solutions and systems.
  • The highest added value is realized when delivering sophisticated refrigeration systems and solutions to end-users where refrigeration is a key part of their industrial process. Providing components for these end-user solutions can best be achieved in a vertically integrated business model securing high levels of synergy between manufacturing and end-user solution delivery.