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Greener Refrigeration Solutions 

Efficient and environment friendly technology enables ground breaking 100kW condensing units from Searle Manufacturing Company to deliver a potentially greener cooling solution supermarket food halls.



The new cascade units – which use either HFC or HC with carbon dioxide as refrigerants – are among the most powerful for any commercial supermarket application in the UK. They are being rolled out to sites as to establish the group’s future policy on refrigeration and choice of refrigerants.  The Searle CCU-100-ECI-CO2HC Cascade units, typically roof-mounted, chill and circulate CO2 to maintain cool temperatures and protect food products in the retail display cabinets on the shop floor.

 Cascade systems were developed to keep capital and operating costs within the range of comparable ‘standard’ systems – but with a reduced environmental risk because CO2 occurs naturally.
With a similar power requirement to a Searle standard CCU R404A system of equal capacity, a CO2 Cascade unit would have minimal impact on the environment should a release of refrigerant occur – equal to just 0.38 tons of CO2.


Energy Efficiency





Searle turns the spotlight on improved energy efficiency, quieter operation and greater durability in its range of coolers and condensing units for refrigeration along the food chain. Searle shows how the latest technology gives its systems for agricultural, industrial and retail refrigeration the edge in economical on-the-job performance – and end-of-life recyclability.


The new generation of Searle equipment features EC fansets which produce energy savings of up to 50%, new fan designs to improve airflow and reduce noise, and advanced coatings that ensure a full life expectancy – even in the harshest climates. At the same time, Searle is moving towards greener refrigerants and unit designs that make it easier to separate the various metal and other components for recycling when the units are eventually replaced.