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GEA Searle Services 

GEA Searle takes pride in the high level quality service we provide for after sales support.

our highly trained staff will advise you through every step past the product delivery should our service be called upon.                           

Service engineer

All our on site service engineer comes on location to resolve the problem. These specially trained and experienced engineers  have full  insight into the installation and maintenance of all our refrigeration products and be able to advise our customers should our service be called upon.


Warranty Procedure

This warranty applies to all units detailed in this price list and, unless otherwise stated in product literature or specific contracts, provides for a manufacturer's guarantee of twelve months from date of installation or fifteen months from date of delivery whichever shall be the shorter against faults in workmanship or materials. (See link to Terms & Conditions of Sale).


Customer Service Number

In the event of a installation, maintenance or a warranty issue please contact our Customer Service



Quality Assurance

Searle 's commitment to quality throughout its business is second to none from customer service to the excellence of its finished products. Searle is a certified company to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, which is a Quality Management system, including Performance Testing.