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Dry Coolers

The  Searle  range  of commercial  unit  coolers  combine versatility and aesthetic design with consistent  performance  to  offer  the ideal cooler at a competitive price.  They  are  typically the 1st choice  product for the following  applications due to  their proven design and reliability :-Cold rooms, Food storage, Food preparation and Cool cabinets.   Searle’s new range of condensers means you’ve more choice than ever before, comprising of both flat-bed and V-bank units, arranged in single and double bank configurations, with multiple module lengths.  The wide range is suitable for most refrigeration and air conditioning condenser applications.   Searle range of dry air coolers is a modular design of flat-bed and V-bank units arranged in single and double bank configurations with multiple module lengths.  The new range builds on the expertise gained from many years at the forefront of dry air cooler technology resulting in the most extensive range of Dry Air Coolers created by Searle. 

Searle Condensing Units




DAWMEC Compressors


Condensing Units


Integrated Housing




 • Single, Twin and Multiple Compressor Condensing Units

• Scroll, Reciprocating and Digital Compressor

• Standard product range or configure to customer specification


The Searle housings are manufactured from galvanised steel, which is then powder coated and oven cured to provide a hard and durable finish.  When supplied as part of an Integrated Condenser Housing, they are mounted on a base channel, suitable for crane-lifting.

   Dawmec offers a wide range of compressors, receiver sets and condensing units plus its own range of excellent value products.

Gas Coolers

GEA Searle have embraced the re-emergence of Carbon Dioxide as a refrigerant having worked on many customer collaboration type development projects dating back to 1997. For infomation please click on Gas cooler.