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GEA Searle Dry Coolers 

GEA Searle range of dry air coolers is a modular design of flat-bed and V-bank units arranged in single and double bank configurations with multiple module lengths also including 12 metre.  The new range builds on the expertise gained from many years at the forefront of dry air cooler technology resulting in the most extensive range of Dry Air Coolers created by GEA Searle. 

The  range of GEA Searle dry air cooler combinations enable the closest possible matching to a required specification taking into consideration duty, cost, noise level, size and efficiency (duty/motor input power).









Searle LF

Searle DV


Adiabatic Cooling

No Fan: 2 - 16
Supply: 3 ph
Fin Mat: Al,Av,Cu
Capacity: 6 - 1038kW
No Fan:    2 - 16
Supply:    3 ph
Fin Mat:    Al,Av,Cu
Capacity:  96 - 807kW

The Searle Adiabatic cooling
system is designed to enhance the thermal performance of
air-cooled condensers and
dry air coolers by reducing
the effective incoming air temperature.